Arkham's Masters of Horror

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Arkham's Masters of Horror
Arkham masters of horror.jpg
Dust-jacket illustration by Tony Patrick for Arkham's Masters of Horror
Author edited by Peter Ruber
Cover artist Tony Patrick, design by Martin Hertzel
Country United States
Language English
Genre Fantasy, Horror short stories
Publisher Arkham House
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages xi, 443 pp
ISBN ISBN 0-87054-177-3
OCLC 43561807
813/.0873808 21
LC Class PS648.H6 A75 2000

Arkham's Masters of Horror is an anthology of fantasy and horror stories edited by Peter Ruber. It was released by Arkham House in an edition of approximately 4,000 copies in 2000. The book includes an introductory essay by Ruber before each story and about its author.

Ruber has drawn criticism from the horror/fantasy community for the hostility with which he introduces some authors within the volume - for instance, his accusation that H.P. Lovecraft "had a schizoid personality" and could be labelled "a genuine crackpot."


Arkham's Masters of Horror contains the following stories:

  1. "Foreword"
  2. "Introduction: The 'Un-Demonizing' of August Derleth'", by Peter Ruber
  3. "H. P. Lovecraft" (essay)
  4. Excerpts from the H. P. Lovecraft Letters to August Derleth
  5. "Clark Ashton Smith" (essay)
  6. "Prince Alcouz and the Magician", by Clark Ashton Smith
  7. "Donald Wandrei" (essay)
  8. "Man-Hunt", by Donald Wandrei
  9. "Robert E. Howard" (essay)
  10. "The Valley of the Lost", by Robert E. Howard
  11. "Robert Bloch" (essay)
  12. "The Bat is My Brother", by Robert Bloch
  13. "H. Russell Wakefield" (essay)
  14. "The Latch-Key", by H. Russell Wakefield
  15. "Carl Jacobi" (essay)
  16. "Dyak Reward", by Carl Jacobi
  17. "Henry S. Whitehead" (essay)
  18. "Sea-Tiger", by Henry S. Whitehead
  19. "Frank Belknap Long" (essay)
  20. "The Dog-Eared God", by Frank Belknap Long
  21. "David H. Keller" (essay)
  22. "The Beautiful Lady", by David H. Keller
  23. "E. Hoffman Price" (essay)
  24. "Sweetheart from the Tomb", by E. Hoffmann Price
  25. "Greye La Spina" (essay)
  26. "Wolf of the Steppes", by Greye La Spina
  27. "Arthur J. Burks" (essay)
  28. "Rhythmic Formula", by Arthur J. Burks
  29. "Ray Douglas Bradbury" (essay)
  30. "The Small Assassin", by Ray Bradbury
  31. "Howard Wandrei" (essay)
  32. "George Is All Right", by Howard Wandrei
  33. "Mary Elizabeth Counselman" (essay)
  34. "Something Old", by Mary Elizabeth Counselman
  35. "John Ramsey Campbell" (essay)
  36. "Property of the Ring", by John Ramsey Campbell
  37. "Seabury Quinn" (essay)
  38. "Bon Voyage, Michele", by Seabury Quinn
  39. "Nelson Bond" (essay)
  40. "The Master of Cotswold", by Nelson Bond
  41. "Vincent Starrett" (essay)
  42. "The Open Window", by Vincent Starrett
  43. "August Derleth & Mark Schorer" (essay)
  44. "A Visitor from Outside", by August Derleth & Mark Schorer


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