Arlindo Barbeitos

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Arlindo do Carmo Pires Barbeitos (born December 24, 1940 in Catete, Bengo province, Angola) is an Angolan poet.[1] Barbeitos studied from 1965 to 1969 in West Germany, then returned to Angola to teach at bases of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola during the struggle for independence.


  • ["por entre as margens da esperança"; "longe"; "borboletas de luz", Vozes Poéticas da Lusofonia]
  • Angola Angolê Angolema (1975)
  • Nzoji (Sonho) (1979)
  • Fiapos de Sonho (1990)
  • Na Leveza do Luar Crescente (1998)


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