Arlo U. Landolt

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Arlo U. Landolt
Born (1935-09-29) September 29, 1935 (age 79)
Highland, Illinois, U.S.
Fields astronomy, photometry
Institutions Louisiana State University
Alma mater Indiana University
Notable awards George van Biesbroeck Prize (1995)

Arlo Udell Landolt (born September 29, 1935) is an American astronomer.[1] Landolt has worked principally in photometry and has published a number of widely used lists[2][3][4] of standard stars.[5][6] In 1995, he received the George van Biesbroeck Prize from the American Astronomical Society.[7] Landolt was the first discoverer of a pulsating white dwarf when he observed in 1965 and 1966 that the luminosity of HL Tau 76 varied with a period of approximately 12.5 minutes.[8] The asteroid 15072 Landolt is named after him.[6]


Arlo Landolt graduated from Highland High School in 1952. He received his Ph.D. in 1962 from Indiana University.[5]


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