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Armada Music
Armada Music logo.svg
Founded 2003
Founder Armin van Buuren
Maykel Piron
David Lewis
Genre EDM, Trance, Progressive House, Deep House
Country of origin Netherlands
Location Amsterdam
Official website

Armada Music /ɑrˈmɑːdə/ is a Dutch record label that specializes in releasing electronic dance music, co-founded by Armin van Buuren.[1]

Armada Music is an independent record company that was founded in June, 2003 by Armin van Buuren, Maykel Piron, and David Lewis[disambiguation needed]. "Armada" was formed from the first two letters in each of the founding members' names.[2]

The approach to combining everything music related in one company has attracted several top names to the label, including: Aly & Fila, Andy Moor, BT, Chicane, Dash Berlin, Paul Oakenfold, W&W, Cosmic Gate, Max Graham, and newer additions such as David Gravell, Audien, Toby Hedges, and Andrew Rayel.

Under the Armada Music umbrella are some of the industry’s biggest imprints, including W&W’s Mainstage Music, Trice Recordings, Orjan Nilsen’s In My Opinion Records, Dash Berlin’s Aropa, M Records, and Armin van Buuren’s Armind, A State of Trance, and Who’s Afraid of 138?! labels. In total, more than 25 sub-labels reside under Armada.[3]

From 2009-2013, the record label received five consecutive International Dance Music Awards for 'Best Global Dance Label'. Armada received 22 nominations at the 2014 IDMAs, winning 10, including 'Best Compilation' for A State of Trance.[4] The Academy of Electronic Music, a joint venture between Armada, Google, Point Blank, and DJ Mag, was the recipient of the 'People's Voice Award' at the 2014 Webby Awards.[5]

CEO Maykel Piron was awarded with a ‘Feather’ — a prize for persons within the Dutch music industry that have made an extraordinary contribution to Dutch music. Maykel Piron is the youngest person to have ever received this prestigious award.[6]

Armada Music also hosts its own worldwide events: Armada Nights. Featuring Armada DJs, Armada Nights have taken place in Buenos Aires, London, Amsterdam, Rome, Jakarta, New York, Dubai, Mexico City, and other destinations throughout the world. Armada-branded stages have appeared at Ultra Music Festival events in Argentina and Chile, as well as Electronic Family in Amsterdam.[7]

Current Sublabels[8][edit]

Closed Sublabels[edit]

  • Fame Recordings Run by Mischa Daniels
  • Gangsta Audio
  • Intuition Deep
  • M Recordings
  • Magic Island Records Run by Roger Shah, bought by Black Hole Recordings
  • Morrison Recordings Run by Glenn Morrison
  • Plus 39 Group
  • S107 Records
  • Soundpiercing
  • State Recordings
  • Stoney Boy Music
  • Subculture "Run by" John O'Callaghan, bought by Black Hole Recordings

Signed Artists[edit]


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