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Armed Reaction (Traditional Chinese: 陀槍師姐) is a television series produced by Hong Kong's TVB. So far, four series (released on July 6, 1998, May 29, 2000, July 9, 2001 and February 16, 2004) have been produced.


The Chinese name for the series, 陀槍師姐, is literally translated as "Armed Sisters". It describes the show's main focus on the first armed female police constables in Hong Kong. Up until the early 90's, female police constables in Hong Kong were not armed, and were frequently assigned office and desk works.

In Mainland China, the series are recognized as 女警本色, which means "The True Colour of Policewomen". While in Taiwan, the first season was under the title "麻辣女刑警"(Spicy Female Cops), and the title 陀槍師姐 has been used since the third season.


Series I to IV[edit]


The show chronicled the lives, loves and careers of two female officers, and the men around them, as they adapted to this change.

The success of the first series, and the popularity of its cast and characters led to the subsequent sequels, the show being used as a cash cow and ratings draw. However the strong, independent women characters, which had made the series popular, became increasingly sidelined, and the show lost its uniqueness towards the third series. To maintain interest the show began to resort to spectacular, almost exploitative plotting. The fourth series ended on a cliffhanger with the hope of keeping interest alive for a fifth series.

As of the third series, because one of the actresses retired, a new actress and therefore, new policewoman took over the role. She succeeds her as the other policewoman's new friend and gets together with the same man.

The show is well known for its drama and action. Aside from the twists thrown in with the relationships the characters have, the series employs high-speed car chases, explosives, hostage situations and thrilling gunfights to keep the audience's interest. Some of its more memorable arcs include incidents where certain protagonists are framed and are forced to flee from the police as well as other gangs, headed by the Chinese Mafia.


The show has come under attack for reusing story lines, recycling characters and actors as well as having illogical sequencing in storylines.

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