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See also Armina or Armine (fem.), Armenia (Arminia), the Land of Armens or Armins
For the 2007 film, see Armin (film)

Armin is a given name or surname, and is:

  • an ancient Zoroastrian given name, meaning Guardian of Aryan Land.
  • an ancient Persian given name
    • Son of Kavadh, the legendary character in Shahnameh (the book of The Kings), the character belong to mythical Kianian dynasty, the dynasty that Zoroastrian believes that was exist in ancient times.
    • The title and modern form of Ariobarzan, Persian general who fought against Alexander the Great
  • a Germanic given name
    • modern form of Arminius (18/17 BC–21 AD) (Arminius being a Latinization), who defeated a Roman army in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
  • an Ancient Greek given name, modern form of Ariobarzanes, meaning "exalting the Aryans"

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