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Arminka Helic, Baroness Helic is a Bosnian-born British Special Adviser (SPAD) and effectively Chief of Staff to the Former British Foreign Secretary William Hague.[1]

The Daily Mail has described her as "Mr Hague's formidable £70,000-a-year special adviser and long-standing chief of staff", and as "Hague's 'blue-eyed Bosnian Muslim émigré'".[2] In 2014, Arminka Helic was nominated to the House of Lords by David Cameron. She was created a Life Peer on 18 September 2014 taking the title Baroness Helic, of Millbank in the City of Westminster [3] and was introduced to the House of Lords on 24 November 2014, [4] becoming the third Conservative female Muslim peer.


Lady Helic is a Bosniak and foreign policy expert who became a Conservative adviser after fleeing the Yugoslav conflict of the 1990s.[5]


According to a leaked dispatch from Richard LeBaron, Deputy Head of the US Mission in London, she shares Mr Hague's pronounced pro-American views. According to LeBaron she described America as "the essential country."[6]

Israeli criticisms[edit]

In the aftermath of Israel's 2006 attack on Lebanon, there were rumours that Hague's apparent criticism of Israel - in his remark that "elements of the Israeli response are disproportionate" - reflected the influence of Helic, given his previously staunch support for Israel.[7]


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