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ArmorSource LLC.
Type Subsidiary
Industry Defence
Founded 2005
Headquarters Hebron, Ohio, United States
Key people

The company was established by Larry Dickson - Owner and CEO, Yoav Kapah - Owner and President, Shachar Bernhard - Owner and VP Sales, Don Blake - Owner and Managing VP.

Mr. Kapah was named CEO after the death of Mr. Dickson in January 2012.
Products Ballistic Helmets, Head Protection System
Owners Ohio Armor LLC.

ArmorSource LLC. is a manufacturer of military, police and special forces ballistic (fragments and bullet resistant) helmets and head protection systems and their accessories for personal use. During the last years, the company situated itself as one of the leading manufacturers of head protection systems in the U.S.

History of the Company[edit]

Established in 2005, it was originally called Rabintex USA LLC. In 2006 ArmorSource became an official supplier of a military Ballistic helmet to the United States Department of Defense.

The Company was acquired by Ohio Armor LLC. in January 2008 and renamed ArmorSource LLC. The production, marketing and operational divisions have been reorganised and relocated in Hebron, Ohio.

In July 2013 ArmorSource won a long-term contract to supply 375,000 Lightweight Advanced Combat Helmets to the U.S. Army.


Its products designed especially for the U.S. Army include the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH), followed by the Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH). Some of its other products include the standard PASGT helmet used by Law Enforcement units worldwide, the U.S. DoD MICH helmet and an Ultra-Lightweight Helmet for use by Special Forces.

As accepted in the Defense industry, and especially in the personal protection manufacturing, the above solutions have been designed in accordance to defense industry common standards such as the National Institution of Justice (NIJ), STANAG and the MIL STD.


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