Armored Warriors

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Armored Warriors
Armored Warriors sales flyer.png
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Capcom
Composer(s) Takayuki Iwai
Platform(s) Arcade
Release date(s) October 24, 1994
Genre(s) Beat 'em up
Mode(s) Up to 3 players simultaneously
Arcade system CP System II
Display Raster 384 x 224 pixels (Horizontal), 4096 colors

Armored Warriors, known in Japan as Powered Gear - Strategic Variant Armor Equipment (パワードギア?), is a 1994 mecha-themed beat-em-up game released by Capcom as a coin-operated video game for their CP System II hardware. No home version of the game was ever produced, although the mecha (or "Variant Armors") featured in the game were later used for the head-to-head fighting game Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness.


Screenshot of Armored Warriors.

Armored Warriors most prominent feature is its multi-player option, and the ability to augment the players' mechs with a large array of different parts for varied attacks. Multiple regions of the mech could be switched, including the arms, legs and handheld weaponry. Such parts were gained (or lost) by inflicting damage upon enemies, which would cause various parts to disembark and be wielded by the player. Additionally, by using commands, the players could use an option called a "Team-up Change" which initiated a powerful attack used in tandem, and could also further the customization of weapons by using a main and sub-weapon.

Gameplay follows a mission-like structure, with seven in total. Each stage consists of the game giving the player prerequsites such as a time-limit to eliminate enemies, a set amount of ammo for weapons, and destroying a varying amount of enemies. Each stage ended with a boss character, and the game provided a competent replay value with the customization options.


The Game Set In the year 2281, the war spanning half a century over territory between the United World Forces and the Raian Kingdom had at last come to an end. However A year after a truce was signed between the two forces, former Raian army captain Azrael, who has converted himself into a cyborg in Order to become 'the perfect warrior', A several thousand other cyborgs Has declared awar against the Raian Kingdom. Robbing mobile weapons from the army, And Started invaded the Raian capital of Merkid and begun to abduct the civilians. In Respond Of This Attack The United World Government Started organize and dispatch an army formed around its elite corps, a squadron of warriorscalled 'Bloody Armor', And Send to the planet Raia In Order To eradicate the enemy forces and rescue the Civilians Form captain Azrael Mad Scheme.


  • 1st Lieutenant Jeff Perkins pilots the AEX-10M BLODIA, a well-designed machine that is equally matched in all areas of combat. Its firepower is below average but makes up slightly greater attack distance.
  • Captain Ray Turner pilots the SVA-6L REPTOS, a mecha designed for close ranged/melee combat. Its light and mobile specifications make it plausible for high-speed situations.
  • Major Glenn Reed uses the AEX-10H GULDIN, a power-type mech used for absorbing damage and plowing through opposition. Its high attack statisitics give it a low speed designation, however.
  • 2nd Lt Sarah White uses the AEX-12J FORDY, an extremely fast mech used for rushing attacks and a featuring a high mobility. It lacks a sufficient amount of armor and must use its speed to avoid damage.

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