Armourdale, Kansas

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Armourdale community is a district in the lower part of the Kansas River valley in Kansas City, Kansas. It is a main district between the West Bottoms and the Rosedale, Kansas area. It is home mainly to Mexican Americans, and many small and large companies in its east side. The Kansas River makes an oxbow curve around the entire district, which is home to Shawnee Park and Bill Clem Park.


The Armourdale district was founded in 1881 as Armourdale, Kansas the name coming from the Armour meatpacking plant in the area.

In 1886, it merged with the Kansas cities and settlements of Wyandot, Kansas City, Armstrong, and Riverview in 1886 to become the Armourdale district of the modern city of Kansas City, Kansas.[1]

The district was devastated by the 1903 Kansas City flood, and again in the flood of 1951, with damage adding up to about 50 million dollars that year. The 1993 flood, however, did no damage as the new floodwalls held up, and protected Armourdale from waters.



Coordinates: 39°04′59.42″N 94°38′06.77″W / 39.0831722°N 94.6352139°W / 39.0831722; -94.6352139 (Armourdale)