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Army Group C (in German, Heeresgruppe C or HGr C) was an army group of the German Wehrmacht during the Second World War.


Army Group C was set up from Heeresgruppenkommando 2 in Frankfurt on 26 August 1939. It initially commanded all troops on Germany’s western front but after the Polish campaign it was reduced to commanding the southern half of the western front, overseeing the frontal breakthrough through the Maginot Line during June 1940. At the end of the battle of France it moved back to Germany then – under the title ‘’ Abschnittsstab Ostpreußen’’ – moved to East Prussia on 20 April 1941. On 21 June 1941 it was renamed Army Group North.

It was re-animated on 26 November 1943 by splitting back off from the staff of Oberbefehlshabers Süd (Luftwaffe) and put in command of the southwestern front and the Italian Campaign. On 2 May 1945 Army Group C surrendered.