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Army Group Don was a short-lived German army group during World War II.

On 20 November Hitler ordered again to reorganize southern front in the Soviet Union. The order was following: between the Army Group A and B at the turn of the river Don has to be sent another Army Group.

Army Group Don was created from the headquarters of the Eleventh Army in the southern sector of the Eastern Front on 22 November 1942. The army group only lasted until February 1943 when it was combined with Army Group B and was made into the new Army Group South. The one commander of Army Group Don was Field Marshal (Generalfeldmarschall) Erich von Manstein.

It was created to hold the line between Army Group A and Army Group B.

It consisted of the Sixth Army (Germany) in the Stalingrad pocket, which included the encircled elements of the 4th Panzer Army, together with the Romanian 4th and 3rd Army and the reconstituted 4th Panzer Army which was augmented by four weak Panzer divisions. All of them would be excluded from the Army Group B.