Army Men: Sarge's Heroes

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Army Men: Sarge's Heroes
Army Men Sarge’s Heroes Cover.jpg
North American PlayStation cover art
Developer(s) 3DO
Publisher(s) 3DO
Series Army Men
Platform(s) PC
Nintendo 64
Release date(s) Dreamcast
  • NA October 30, 2000
Nintendo 64
  • NA September 30, 1999
  • EU April 14, 2000
  • NA January 31, 2000
  • EU April 2000
Genre(s) Action Shooter
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution 1 CD-ROM (PlayStation, PC), 1 cartridge (Nintendo 64)

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes is an action-shooter video game that was released for Windows, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, and PlayStation. It is part of the Army Men series of video games based on the plastic toy soldiers. It was preceded by Army Men 3D and succeeded by Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2. The player normally controls Sarge, a Sergeant in the Green Army and fights evil General Plastro and the members of the Tan Army. Both armies are named after the usual colors of toy army men. The game's storyline is somewhat dark, partly because of General Plastro's killings.


Single Player[edit]

There are two modes for single player: Campaign and Boot Camp.


Campaign is the main mode of Sarge's Heroes. The player plays as Sarge, the protagonist for many of the Army Men games. The player travels through several missions, completing objectives, killing enemies, destroying vehicles, and rescuing people. The plot starts out as the Tan Army is invading the Green Army base. Sarge rescues Colonel Grimm and they evacuate the base in a helicopter. In the game, Sarge discovers portals that lead from the "plastic world" to the "real world". The Tan Army is getting "Weapons of Mass Destruction" from the "real world" (toys and ordinary objects, i.e. magnifying glass). Throughout the game, Sarge rescues commandos of his own unit, Bravo Company. Sometimes they are in Tan bases, and other times he has to go through portals and save them from the "real world". To avoid the destruction of the Green Army, Sarge must destroy the portals and stop Plastro.

Boot Camp[edit]

Boot Camp is a training level in which the player learns the controls. Boot Camp consists of training areas for all weapons, an obstacle course, and a "live fire course" in which Sarge is shot at. This feature however, is only available on the N64 and Dreamcast editions.

Dreamcast Version[edit]

The Dreamcast version contains differences from the PlayStation, Nintendo 64 (the Dreamcast version is actually the N64 version with enhanced graphics and music) and Windows versions. It was developed instead by Saffire and published by Midway. By entering the cheat "SFFRMV" in the Dreamcast version you can view a short "Making Of" film. It also contains a plethora of extra characters such as a fluffy pink bunny, a little girl, a skeleton as well as the faces of many of the games developers.


In 2-4 player multiplayer (only 2 players in the PlayStation and PC), players choose their character, faction, and difficulty. Players then select a map. The players fight each other until the number of preset required kills to win is reached.


The Dreamcast version currently holds a metascore of 60 on Metacritic.[1]


In 2000, the sequel Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 was released for the Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64, PlayStation and PlayStation 2.