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Category Serif
Classification Old-style
Designer(s) Robert Slimbach
Foundry Adobe Type
Date released 2007[1][2]

Arno is a type family created by Robert Slimbach at Adobe.[3] The name refers to the river that runs through Florence, the centre of the Italian Renaissance. The typeface draws its inspiration from 15th and 16th century early humanistic typefaces and is designed in the tradition of early book types such as Venetian and Aldine.

The retail Arno Pro family consists of 3 (4 for Display fonts) weights in roman and italic, 5 optical sizes. Each font supports Adobe CE, Adobe Western 2, Cyrillic, mono- and polytonic Greek, Latin Extended, Vietnamese, dingbats character sets. Supported OpenType features include titling capitals, stylistic alternates, ligatures, proportional numbers, old style figures, small caps, subscripts and superscripts, ordinals, swashes (italic fonts only).[4]

Optical sizes Caption Small Text Regular Subhead Display
Intended point sizes <8.4 8.5–10.9 11–13.9 14–21.4 >21.5


This font family is included with Adobe Creative Suite 3, Adobe Font Folio 11.


The font family is a contemporary book type rooted in classical foundational forms. These forms being the calligraphically-inspired humanistic types of the Italian Renaissance. Because the traditional forms of text have had a rather conservative evolution the familiar handwriting practices remains embedded in the reader's mind. Robert Slimbach emphasize that it is crucial that designers of text typefaces work within its bounds. This applies equally to both classical styles and overtly modernist ones constructed entirely on a computer screen.[5]


It was a winning entry in the Type Directors Club 2007 Type Design Competition (TDC2), under the Type System / Superfamily category.[6]


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