Arnold Henry Savage Landor

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Arnold Henry Savage Landor with kittens Kerman and Zeris, whom he travelled with in Across Coveted Lands.

Arnold Henry Savage Landor (1865– 26 December, 1924) was an English painter, explorer, writer, and anthropologist. Landor wrote in a dry, witty style.

His father was Charles Savage Landor. The writer Walter Savage Landor was his grandfather.


  • Alone with the Hairy Ainu (1893).
  • Corea or Cho-sen (1895).
  • In the Forbidden Land (1898).
  • China and the Allies (1901).
  • Across Coveted Lands (1902). VOL I. VOL II. [1]
  • The Gems of the East (1904).
  • Tibet and Nepal (1905).
  • The Living Races of Mankind (1905).
  • Across Widest Africa (1907).
  • An Explorer's Adventures in Tibet (1910).
  • Across Unknown South America (1913).
  • Everywhere, the Memoirs of an Explorer (1924).

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