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Overview of the remaining factory premises
Factory plate on a steam locomotive
Factory plate on Mallet locomotive 99 5902 of the HSB

The Arnold Jung Lokomotivfabrik (Arnold Jung Locomotive Works) was a locomotive manufacturer, in particular of Feldbahn locomotives, in Kirchen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.


The firm was founded on 13 February 1885 as Jung & Staimer OHG by Arnold Jung and Christian Staimer. On 3 September 1885 the first locomotive was delivered. In 1913 the company was renamed Arnold Jung Lokomotivfabrik GmbH, Jungenthal. In 1976 locomotive production was stopped in favour of other products such as machine tools, transporters, armour plating, cranes and bridgelayers.

Jung built more than 12,000 locomotives. In the 1950s it built 51 DB Class 23 2-6-2 locomotives, including in 1959, number 23 105, the last new steam locomotive supplied to the Deutsche Bundesbahn Jung also made boilers for other uses such as steam rollers.

By the 1950s Jung was also building diesel locomotives, such as the 42 standard gauge Egyptian Republic Railways 4211 class shunters in 1953–56.[1]

Production ceased on 30 September 1993 and the factory closed, but the firm continues to exist as Jungenthal Systemtechnik GmbH.

Preserved Locomotives[edit]

Built Works
Origin Id Current Location Notes Photograph
1890s 129 0-4-0T Reykjavík Harbour Railway Árbær Museum Pionér is in a shed at the museum - rebuilt 1910 and given a new no.: 1591[2] RHR-Pioner.JPG
1890s 130 0-4-0T Reykjavík Harbour Railway Reykjavík Harbour Minør is on a very small section of track in Reykjavík Harbour[2] RHR-Minor.JPG
1931 3872 0-6-0WT Used in sugar plantations in the Cameroons. No 2, KATIE Bredgar and Wormshill Light Railway KatieBWR1998.jpg
1939 8692 41 303
41 1303-1
Hei Na Ganzlin
Röbel/Müritz Rekolok, only parts of the locomotive remain 411303.jpg
1940 9318 41 360
042 360-8
Dampflok-Tradition Oberhausen Oil-fired
1941 9322 41 364
042 364-0
Augsburg Railway Park, Augsburg Oil-fired, new-type boiler '61, Museum locomotive

1952 11474

23 019
023 019-3
DDM Museum locomotive

1952 11474

23 029
023 029-2
Ostalbkreis Aalen trade
school centre, Monument

1955 12081 2-8-2 Hedjaz Jordan Railway 51 Hedjaz Jordan Railway
1959 13113 DB AG 23 105
023 105-0
South German Railway Museum (SEH) Last steam engine delivered to the DB; damaged in the major fire on 17 October 2005, on loan for 10 years to SEH for cosmetic restoration


There is a 5025 steam machine in the "Museo Ferroviario de Santiago de Chile". This machine served in the railway that existed between the Chilean southern towns "Los Sauces" and "Capitan Pastene" (35 km). This railway was began to built in 1904 and in 1978 was abandoned.


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