Arnon Grunberg

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Arnon Grunberg
Arnon Grunberg.jpg
Arnon Grunberg in 2012
Born Arnon Yasha Yves Grünberg
(1971-02-22) 22 February 1971 (age 43)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Pen name Marek van der Jagt
Occupation Author
Language Dutch
Period 1993–present
Genre Novels, essays, media columns
Notable awards AKO Literature Prize
Libris Prize
Constantijn Huygens Prize

Arnon Yasha Yves (Arnon) Grunberg (born 22 February 1971) is a Dutch writer. Some of his books were written using the heteronym Marek van der Jagt.

Early life[edit]

Arnon Yasha Yves Grunberg was born on 22 February 1971 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Grunberg grew up in a family of Jewish immigrants, originally from Germany.[1][2] His mother survived the concentration camp Auschwitz.[3] Grunberg attended the Vossius Gymnasium, but he got kicked out of the school.[4]


Grunberg made his literary debut in 1994 with the novel Blauwe maandagen (Blue Mondays), which won the Anton Wachter Prize for the best debut novel that year.[5] In 2000, under the heteronym Marek van der Jagt, he won the Anton Wachter Prize again for his novel De geschiedenis van mijn kaalheid (The History of My Baldness).[6]

Grunberg publishes novels about once a year but also writes columns and essays in a wide variety of Dutch and international newspapers and magazines. He does not restrict himself only to the written media, but also reads a story for the radio every week and for some time he was host of a cultural television program. He also writes a blog for the literary Internet magazine Words Without Borders and his own site.

His novel Tirza won the Belgian Golden Owl (Literature) in 2002, and the Dutch Libris Prize in 2007.[7] His books have been translated into many languages, including English, German, Hebrew, Japanese and Georgian. In 2009 he won the Constantijn Huygens Prize for his entire body of works.[8]

From 2006 Grunberg wrote various journalistic reports, for example about working undercover in a Bavarian hotel and his visit to Guantánamo Bay. Also he visited the Dutch troops in Afghanistan and the US Army in Iraq. In 2009 these reports were collected in the book Chambermaids and Soldiers.

November 2013, a team of scientists is going to measure the emotions, brain activity and subjective feelings of Arnon Grunberg as he creates a new book. The measurements will be correlated with the text he writes. His computer screen will be recorded and physiological signals will be measured such as EEG (brain activity), GSR (skin conductivity) and ECG (heart rate).[9]

Awards and honours[edit]

Selected bibliography[edit]

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  • (1997) Figuranten; English translation: Silent Extras (2001)
  • (1998) De heilige Antonio (Saint Antony)
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  • (2004) De joodse messias; English translation: The Jewish Messiah (2008)
  • (2006) Tirza; English translation: Tirza (2013)
  • (2008) Onze oom (Our Uncle)
  • (2010) Huid en Haar (Tooth and Nail)
  • (2012) De man zonder ziekte (The Man Without Illness)
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  • (2001) Monogaam (Monogamous), as Marek van der Jagt
  • (2001) Otto Weininger Of bestaat de jood? (Otto Weininger or Does the Jew Exist?), as Marek van der Jagt
  • (2013) Why the Dutch Love Black Pete
  • (1998) Het 14e kippetje (The 14th Chicken)
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  • (2005) De Asielzoeker (The Asylym Seeker), adapted by Koen Tachelet


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