Arnst River

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Arnst River
Origin 41°53′46.12″S 172°50′49.81″E / 41.8961444°S 172.8471694°E / -41.8961444; 172.8471694
Mouth Confluence with Travers River 41°56′2.7″S 172°48′34.32″E / 41.934083°S 172.8095333°E / -41.934083; 172.8095333
Basin countries New Zealand
Source elevation approx 1700m
Mouth elevation approx 680m

The Arnst River in New Zealand is a tributary of the Travers River, which itself flows into Lake Rotoiti, situated in the Nelson Lakes National Park.

The Park is at the northern end of the South Island of New Zealand. The Arnst River is named after the champion rower Jacob Diedrich Arnst, known as Richard Arnst or Dick Arnst.