Arolsen Castle

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Arolsen Castle

Arolsen Castle (German: Residenzschloss Arolsen) is a baroque styled Schloss in Bad Arolsen, Hesse, Germany. It continues to serve as the family home of the former ruling family of Waldeck and Pyrmont. It was birthplace of Queen consort Emma of the Netherlands.


Built during early 18th century, the castle main building was completed in 1728, the furnishings, equipment, furniture, remained for several decades until the castle was finally handed over to its use.

Built in 1840, the "Prince Waldecksche Court Library" today contains virtually all literature of the 18th Century in relevant fields of knowledge. The collection focuses on the Universal geography, history, literature, and militaria.


The castle is now a museum and is still inhabited by Wittekind, Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont and his family.


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Coordinates: 51°22′51″N 9°01′19″E / 51.3808°N 9.02194°E / 51.3808; 9.02194