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Aron may refer to:


  • Aron (comics), a character from the Marvel Universe comic Aron! HyperSpace Boy!
  • Aron (Pokémon), a creature in the Pokémon video game series
  • Aron Trask, a character from John Steinbeck's novel East of Eden
  • Áron, also known as Aaron, the brother of Moses


  • Aron K. Barbey, American neuroscientist
  • Aron (name), name origin, variants, plus people with the given name or surname
  • Wellesley Aron, British pioneer of Palestine (Israel) and part-founder of Habonim in 1928, of the Jewish Cultural youth Movement
  • Aron, a member of the South Korean boy group Nu'est


Other uses[edit]

  • Aron Kodesh or Torah ark, a receptacle or ornamental closet which contains a synagogue's Torah scrolls

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