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The Aroostook Valley Country Club is a golf course which straddles the border between the U.S. state of Maine and the Canadian province of New Brunswick. The club, located near Perth-Andover, New Brunswick and Fort Fairfield, Maine, has its course and clubhouse on the Canadian side of the border and its parking lot and pro shop on the American side. Though the course is located entirely on one side of the border, three holes are close enough to the border that crooked shots enter the United States.[1] The club was founded in 1929; its position on the border allowed American golfers to bypass Prohibition without passing through customs.[2] Current club membership is roughly half Canadian and half American.[3]

Since the only entry to the course is on the American side of the border, Canadian golfers historically used a small local road, Brown Road, to cross the border and access the country club; while Canada had a seasonal border checkpoint on the road, entry to the U.S. had been unsecured since the 1950s.[3] In 2008, however, U.S. border officials closed the unpatrolled border crossing on Brown Road, citing increased concerns over terrorism and a drug sale on the course in 2006.[4] The closure required Canadian golfers to make a 33 kilometres (21 mi) detour through Fort Fairfield to access the course and was criticized by the Fort Fairfield town manager and the country club's golf pro. U.S. Senator Susan Collins and Canadian MP Mike Allen proposed that U.S. border officials establish a new seasonal border checkpoint on Brown Road.[3] As of 2012–13, there is a seasonally open border checkpoint along the Brown Road on the Canadian side.[5]


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