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Aror or Alor  ; Sindhi: الور) is the medieval name of the city of Rohri (in Sindh, modern Pakistan).


Arab historians used the words Al-rur, Al-ruhr and Al Ror to describe Aror.[1] The basic meaning being "The Ror" as 'Al' is simply the English word 'The' in Arabic. Aror was the ancient capital of Sindh, originally ruled by the Ror Dynasty, which was followed by Rai Dynasty and then the Brahman Dynasty. Modern Rohri is now situated close to Sukkur, Sindh. In 711, Aror was captured by the army of Muslim general Muhammad bin Qasim. In 962 it was hit by a massive earthquake that changed the course of the Indus River[2]


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Coordinates: 27°39′00″N 68°59′00″E / 27.65°N 68.9833°E / 27.65; 68.9833