Around Every Corner

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"Around Every Corner"
The Walking Dead episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 4
Directed by Nick Herman
Written by Gary Whitta
Story by Chuck Jordan
Original air date October 9, 2012 (2012-10-09)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Long Road Ahead"
Next →
"No Time Left"

"Around Every Corner" is the fourth episode of the episodic graphic adventure The Walking Dead, based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic book series. It was released on October 9, 2012


Lee and his group walk through the streets of Savannah to find a salvaged boat that can be used. Clementine then asks Lee why she can't hold her walkie-talkie. The group then stops when a bell tower's church bells go off and Lee spots someone on the bell tower, alerting him. As Lee tells the group about his sighting, the walkie-talkie suddenly comes on with a man warning the group "If I were you, I'd get out of the street. Now.". Lee attempts to contact the man for questioning but he doesn't respond. The group then gets cornered by walkers that were attracted by the noise of the bells. During the struggle, Ben leaves Clementine helpless against the walkers but Chuck is able to save her, but the group is forced to leave him behind as he gets surrounded by walkers.

The group is able to find refuge in an old abandoned mansion. Christa then asks Clementine who the man on her walkie-talkie, which Clementine replies is a friend she found on her walkie-talkie, whom she believes wants to help the group. While scouting upstairs, Kenny finds an infected walker boy that Kenny is depressed to see as he resembles Duck. After the boy is killed, Lee goes outside to bury him. When Lee is about to finish, a stranger appears behind the gated fence and watches Lee, but runs away once Lee sees him. Lee warns the group what he saw, prompting Kenny to find a boat immediately.

Lee and Kenny scout the for a boat by the riverside, but find that all the boats were taken. They then come across an acrobatic parkour woman named Molly who brawls with Lee, but are interrupted by Clementine. Molly then tells the three that a man named Crawford Oberson led a majority of people in Savannah to take all of the city's supplies and form a community named after himself that focuses on social Darwinism and "survival of the fittest" and not allow any children, elderly, or sick people in the community. Molly also reveals that she was the one who rang the church bells to distract walkers in order to get around the city safely. They then get cornered by walkers that separate Lee from the group, leaving him to escape through the sewers. While finding a way out of the sewers Lee comes across Chuck's partially eaten corpse but finds that he shot himself before the walkers got to him. Lee then finds a cancer survivor group in a morgue of a hospital through the sewers, led by a doctor named Vernon. One group member, Brie, believes Lee is from Crawford and demands that Vernon kill him. Lee is able to convince the group that he's not with Crawford and gets help from Vernon to get back to the mansion safely.

Upon returning to the mansion, Christa tells Lee and Vernon that Omid's condition is getting worse. Lee then questions the group where Clementine is. Lee then finds Clementine "exploring" in the shed and found a landed boat. Kenny is able to fix the boat, but they later learn that the battery doesn't work and the boat is out of gas. Lee suggests that they find the needed supplies, including medicine for Omid and Vernon's group. While the group agrees with the plan, Clementine asks Lee if she can come along to see if her parents are in Crawford. Lee can decide if she can come as long as she does what she's told or stay at the mansion to watch over Omid.

Before leaving, Kenny secretly tells Lee that the boat only has room for five. The group along with Brie sneak into Crawford's main base, an elementary school, but find that the community succumbed to the walkers. The enter the school safely and reach Crawford's "home base" and find a door labeled "Armory", which Ben attempts to open while the rest search for the needed supplies. Lee and Molly scavenge a battery from a nearby auto shop while Kenny and Brie find fuel in a maintenance shed but walkers trail the latter to a hallway, but Lee is able to barricade the doors by placing a hatchet in between the handles. Later, Lee, Christa, and Vernon find that the needed medication are locked in a safe with a combination. Using videotapes from a nearby security camera, the three watch a pregnant Crawford resident, Anna Correa, being forced to undergo an abortion in order for her to stay in Crawford, however Anna killed the lead doctor, Dr. Logan, while he was opening the safe and then shot several Crawford residents, which resulted in Crawford's downfall. While Christa and Vernon take the medication from the safe, Lee have option to watch another videotape. If he watch it he will see Molly trading sexual favors to Logan for medicine for her sister, but Logan decided to stop the deal when Oberson began to crack down on an inventory count. In that case, Lee confronts Molly about her secret, and she reveals that she and her sister were former residents of Crawford but her sister was diabetic, so Molly tried to keep it secret but it was discovered and Crawford's residents killed her sister, prompting Molly to leave the community.

While Lee and Molly walk back to the group, Ben appears with the hatchet used to barricade the hallway doors, planning to use it to open the Armory door. Walkers enter the school and one grabs Molly (If Clementine was brought to Crawford she will shoot the walker, but if Clementine wasn't brought and Lee fails to shoot the walker Molly will be left behind). While everyone reunites in the home base and Kenny opens the Armory door, Ben overcomes with regret and reveals to Kenny that he was the one who gave supplies to the bandits which resulted in Carley/Doug, Katjaa, and Duck's deaths. Kenny becomes furious and attempts to attack Ben but is restrained by Lee and Vernon. Kenny then reveals the boat's capacity problem and decides that they vote Ben out on it. While the group decides Ben's fate, walkers breach the home base and devour Brie, forcing the others to escape through the Armory. The Armory is revealed to be the school's bell tower and the group reaches the top, where Vernon spots something in the distance and asks the group if they came to Savannah through the railroad which Kenny replies they did. The group then escapes the bell tower by ladder to the street, but Ben is attacked by a zombified Oberson. Lee is able to shoot Oberson but Ben is left dangling on a ledge, leaving Lee to decide to save him or not.

The group returns to the mansion and give Omid his needed medication. Vernon privately talks to Lee, and offers to take Clementine off his hands so she can be safer, which Lee can agree or disagree with. If Molly survived Crawford, she will say goodbye to Lee and leaves to live on her own. Clementine asks Lee if they could still find her parents. Lee initially refuses her request, leaving her devastated. The next morning, Lee wakes up to find Clementine missing. Lee finds Clementine's hat and walkie-talkie outside but gets bitten on the arm by a walker, leaving him to decide to tell the group about it. Lee initially believes Vernon to be Clementine's kidnapper and plans to confront him. Lee can make a choice to go alone, or ask for help. If Lee asked for help, Kenny, Christa, Omid, and Ben (Determinant) will come along based on their relationships with Lee. Upon returning to the morgue, Lee finds the Vernon and his group gone. The walkie-talkie soon comes on with Clementine' voice but the unknown man takes over and advises Lee "to choose his next words very carefully".


Actor/Actress Role Details/Other Role
Dave Fennoy Lee Everett N/A
Melissa Hutchison Clementine N/A
Gavin Hammon Kenny N/A
Cissy Jones Brie Katjaa
Trevor Hoffman Ben Paul Last appearance1
Roger L. Jackson Charles"Chuck"
Erin Yvette Molly First appearance (Guest)
Owen Thomas Omid N/A
Mara Junot Christa
Anna Correa
Butch Eagle Vernon First appearance (Guest)
  • ^1 Determinant
  • ^2 Radio Voice only


Platform GameRankings Metacritic
PSN (PlayStation 3) 78.9% 81/100
XBLA (Xbox 360) 82.5% 82/100
PC (Windows, Mac) 84.2% 80/100
iOS (iPad, iPhone) TBD TBD
PlayStation Vita 82.5% 89/100

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