Around the Bend

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For the Pearl Jam song, see Around the Bend (song). For the Randy Travis album, see Around the Bend (album).
Around the Bend
Around the Bend (movie poster).jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Jordan Roberts VI
Produced by Julie Kirkham
Elliott Lewitt
Written by Jordan Roberts VI
Starring Christopher Walken
Josh Lucas
Michael Caine
Music by David Baerwald
Cinematography Michael Grady
Edited by Françoise Bonnot
Distributed by Warner Independent Pictures
Release dates October 8, 2004
Country United States
Language English

Around the Bend is a 2004 road movie written and directed by Jordan Roberts VI. The film is inspired by the relationship between Roberts and the absentee, criminally insane, substance-abusing father he barely knew, Robert Stone Jordan (born: Robert Samuel Jordan), a self-styled indie film director/producer in his later years. In the 1970s Bob Jordan toured with Leon Russell for a film project that he thoroughly bungled due to his drug-induced manic behavior. In the 1990s he produced and directed one of the first digitally captured film experiments based on the characters in Alice in Wonderland, often known as "Through the Looking Glass". His last known film project, "Meth" filmed in and around Palmdale/Lancaster CA involved a film "completion fund" scam where he ran off with the Sony Camera equipment loaned to him and the money he had collected from several investors. Upon returning to CA, he eventually died awaiting a liver transplant in 2001, without ever contacting his sons. Christopher Walken bore an uncanny resemblance to Robert Jordan both in the physical and in his ability to appear menacing and unpredictable.

Main cast[edit]

This is a moving film about the relationships among four generations of males in the Lair family. Through an unplanned and awkward reunion after years of estrangement, we are shown the complexities of family relations and loss in a way that is emotionally brutal yet laced with humor and hope. Michael Caine is a quirky, amusing archeologist with an interest in anthropology, tribal dance and rituals who has a strong affinity for his family, which he calls his "tribe". He is the grandfather of uptight, traditional, yet conscientious Jason Lair (Josh Lucas), whom he had raised from a young child in the absence of Jason's father, Turner (Christopher Walken), and Jason's mother, who had died in a car crash. Turner was a musician, drug addict, criminal, and the black sheep of the family, who disappeared when Jason was a baby. Zach Lair (Jonah Bobo)is Jason's delightful young son. This road trip movie follows the journey Jason and Turner take, at the behest of their grandfather/father, to heal their relationship, as well as Turner's final journey to heal himself. Turner and young Zach have an instant connection which makes your eyes smile. Around the Bend is about death, life, resentment, self-discovery, loss, family, healing and forgiveness, as well as a multitude of human foibles, frailties and idiosyncrasies that accompany those themes. Ritual, as performed through dance, is definitely a theme in this film, highlighted by Christopher Walken—as the cool, weather beaten Turner—doing an amazing dance around a campfire. Sex is another, minor theme, handled with a light and amusing touch.


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