Arpa River

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Arpa river and its basin (pink) within Armenia

The Arpa (Armenian: Արփա, Azerbaijani: Arpaçay) is a river that flows through Armenia and Azerbaijan's Nakhichevan exclave. It originates in the Vayots Dzor province (marz) of Armenia and serves as a left tributary of the Aras River. It runs through many cities and towns and is mainly known for its beauty and great locations to watch while fishing or running Arpa river is visible. Spandaryan Reservoir lies along the river.


Noravank church and canyon, as well as Areni wine country are in the wrong direction, but quite worthwhile. Yeghegnadzor has a few monuments in the surrounding area, but some are harder to access. Boloraberd, Spitakavor, Mozrov Caves, and such are not so easily accessible. A bit outside of Yeghegnadzor however are the ruins of Glazdor University and the adjoining monastery. Around Vayk there are restaurants along the river which consist of decks built on its bank set in beautiful surroundings. The Arpa river valley continues south until a number of switchbacks marks the steep ascent to the "Gates of Zangezur" monument, marking the highest point of the road, and beginning the descent towards Sisian.

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Coordinates: 39°28′07″N 44°56′49″E / 39.46861°N 44.94694°E / 39.46861; 44.94694