Arrai TV

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Arrai TV
Arrai TV Logo.png
Closed 4 December 2011
Owned by Misha'an al-Juburi
Country  Syria
Language Arabic
Broadcast area Arab World
Headquarters Damascus, Syria

Arrai TV (Arabic قناة الرأي) is an Arabic-language television station based in Syria. The channel is owned by Misha'an al-Juburi. It is used by overseas Libyans to defend the Gaddafi government and denounce the NATO-led government and to keep morale up of those which have fled Libya since the war.[1] The channel aired a number of audio messages from Gaddafi and his aides when they fled Tripoli.[2] On 15 October 2011, Arrai TV posted a message mourning the death of Khamis Gaddafi on 29 August.[3] The channel closed on 4 December 2011.


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