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An Arriflex 16SR camera 16 mm camera.

Arriflex 16SR is a movie camera product line created by Arri, introduced in 1975. This 16SR camera series is designed for 16 mm filmmaking in Standard 16 format. 'SR' Stands for Silent Reflex.

Later on in 1982, Arri released 16SR2, for improved the function of the previous version.

In 1992, Arri released 16SR3, the latest and, the only series that can support Super 16 format in 16SR series. It appeared in two versions: "Advanced" & "HS" (High Speed), for the high speed shooting purpose.

Arriflex 16SR2[edit]

  • Introduced in 1982.
  • Arri bayonet lens mount in early models.
  • PL lens mount in later models.

Arriflex 16SR3[edit]

  • Introduced in 1992.
  • Adding support of Super 16 format.
  • PL lens mount.


  • Running speed: 5 to 75 frame/s

HS (High Speed)[edit]

  • Running Speed: 5 to 150 frame/s

Motion Pictures[edit]

Clerks(1994) - A Film by Kevin Smith[1]

The Squid and the Whale(2005) - A Film by Noah Baumbach[2]

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives(2010) - A Film by Apichatpong Weerasethakul[3]

Black Swan (2010) - A Film by Darren Aronofsky [4]

Read more[edit]

  • Arriflex 416, Arri's next generation's 16 mm camera system series.


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