Arroz a la valenciana

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Arroz a la valenciana
Alternative names Arroz à valenciana
Course Meal
Place of origin Latin American dish
Main ingredients rice, chicken, chorizo, butter, onion, red bell pepper, tomatoes
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Arroz a la valenciana (Spanish) or Arroz à valenciana (Portuguese) is a typical Latin American dish, and sometimes used in Filipino cuisine. In Chile and Nicaragua it is referred to as a Latin American version of Valencian's paella.[1][2]


The dish consists of one pound of glutinous rice or regular rice, chicken, chorizo, two ounces of butter, one onion, one red bell pepper, two tomatoes, a can of tomato paste, and salt and pepper to taste. It is usually prepared with beer, along with white wine.[3]


To prepare the dish, first the chicken is cooked in sufficient water, then onions, red bell pepper and salt are added. When it's finished the chicken is stripped and any bones are discarded. After comes the preparation of the rice where the chicken is then added and let to cook. Afterwards, in a frying pan, butter, onion, and red pepper are fried. Later the chicken and rice is added and mixed together along with sausage and the optional addition of beer or white wine.[4]

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