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Ars Nova of Copenhagen, is a Danish vocal ensemble focussed on Renaissance and contemporary music, founded in 1979 by composer Bo Holten.[1][2][3] In 1996 leadership passed to Hungarian conductor Tamás Vetö, and Holten founded a new ensemble, Musica Ficta (Denmark). The Ars Nova ensemble is now led by Paul Hillier, and collaborates with his ensemble Theatre of Voices.

Selected discography[edit]

Renaissance to Baroque[edit]

  • Josquin Desprez: Missa de beata virgine, Holten, Kontrapunkt
  • Pierre de la Rue: Requiem, Giaches de Wert 5 Motets. Vocal Group ARS NOVA Bo Holten Kontrapunkt 32001
  • Pierre de la Rue: Missa L'Homme Arme Nicolas Gombert Lugebat David Absalon. usae Jovis Vocal Group ARS NOVA Bo Holten Kontrapunkt 32008
  • Nicolas Gombert: Sacred Music : Ave Maria. Ave Salus Mundi. Credo. Magnificat Octavi Toni. Magnificat Primi Toni. Si Ignoras Te. Vocal Group ARS NOVA Bo Holten Kontrapunkt 32038
  • Thomas Tallis: Felix Namque (I) Felix Namque (II) O Nata Lux Salvator Mundi The Lamentations Of Jeremiah I The Lamentations Of Jeremiah II Videte Miraculum Vocal Group ARS NOVA, Lars Ulrik Mortensen (harpsichord) Bo Holten Kontrapunkt 32003
  • Lassus: Lagrime di San Pietro Bo Holten and Ars Nova Ensemble Naxos (1995)
  • Portuguese Polyphony Manuel Cardoso, Pedro de Escobar, Manuel da Fonseca Duarte Lobo Holten Naxos (1995)
  • Mogens Pedersøn: Sacred Music From The court Of Christian IV: 3 Hymns from Pratum Spirituale. Ad Te Levavi Oculos Meos. Missa Quinque Vocum. John Dowland Thou Mighty God. Vocal Group ARS NOVA, Bo Holten Kontrapunkt 32100
  • John Taverner: Taverner & Tudor Music I - The Western Wind. Ars Nova Records 2006
  • John Taverner: Taverner & Tudor Music II - Gloria tibi Trinitas Ars Nova Records 2008
  • Heinrich Schütz: Passions. Resurrection The Complete Narrative Works. Lukas-Passion SWV 480 (1666) Weihnachtshistorie SWV 435 (c. 1660) Auferstehungshistorie SWV 50 (c. 1623) Die Sieben Worte, SWV 478 (before 1658) Johannes-Passion, SWV 481 (1666) Matthäus-Passion, SWV 479 (1666). 4CD Dacapo 2011
  • Plainchant, various. The Christmas Story. Harmonia Mundi 2011


  • Julens Sange - Christmas songs. Holten Exlibris
  • Årstidernes sange - Danmark nu blunder den lyse nat. Du gav os de blomster, som lyste imod os. etc. Exlibris
  • Fædrelandssange - Der er et yndigt land. Her har hjertet hjemme. Jeg elsker de grønne lunde. etc. Exlibris
  • Carl Nielsen songs. Exlibris



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