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ArtRod is a nonprofit arts organisation located in Tacoma, Washington. It was originally founded in 1958 and went through several incarnations including Allied Arts and Artists Exchange.[1][2] The mission of ArtRod is to facilitate art exhibition in nontraditional public arenas and grew out of a response to bring contemporary art forms from a traditional museum setting and directly into the community’s path.[3]

ArtRod has supported four major projects: Toby Room magazine, the Don’t Bite the Pavement film series, and the exhibition spaces Tollbooth Gallery and Critical Line.[4] The organisation has been a collaboration between Michael Lent and Jared Pappas-Kelley.[5][6] In 2005 they were honoured with an arts genius award from the City of Tacoma for their work on ArtRod and the Tollbooth Gallery.[7]

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