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Art Mûr
Claude Tousignant, Modulateur de lumière, 2005, Installation view at Art Mûr
Claude Tousignant, Modulateur de lumière, 2005, Installation view at Art Mûr
Established 1996
Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Coordinates 45°31′59″N 73°35′49″W / 45.53315°N 73.596843°W / 45.53315; -73.596843
Visitors 10,000
Director Rhéal Olivier Lanthier & François St-Jacques
Public transit access Montreal Metro

With seven exhibition spaces totaling 14,000 sq. ft., Art Mûr is one of the largest private contemporary art galleries in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Currently Art Mûr represents: Lois Andison, Patrick Beaulieu, Judith Berry, Simon Bilodeau, Michel Boulanger, Magalie Comeau, Cooke-Sasseville, Robbie Cornelissen, Shayne Dark, Jakub Dolejs, Renato Cervera Garza, Sarah Garzoni, Karine Giboulo, Nicolas Grenier, Annie Hémond-Hotte, Trevor Kiernander, Holly King, Guillaume Lachapelle, Laurent Lamarche, Cal Lane, Nadia Myre, Bevan Ramsay, David Spriggs, Diana Thorneycroft, Barbara Todd, Claude Tousignant, Henri Venne, Brandon Vickerd, Colleen Wolstenholme, 30 Jinny Yu, Ewa Zebrowski.[citation needed]


Founded in 1996 by Rhéal Olivier Lanthier & François St-Jacques, Art Mur was originally located on Notre-Dame, in the St-Henri neighborhood of Montreal. Since 2002, the gallery has been situated at 5826 St-Hubert, close to the Plateau-Mont-Royal and the Little Italy neighborhoods of Montreal.[1] Art Mûr is a member of The Contemporary Art Galleries Association (AGAC) and Mr. Lanthier has been the president since March 2008.[2]

Art Mûr Publications[edit]

  • From Cooke-Sasseville to Today (2012)
  • Nadia Myre: En[counter]s (2011)
  • Cal Lane: Sweet Crude (2009)
  • Jinny Yu (2008)
  • Shayne Dark: Into the Blue (2008)

Other achievements and mentions[edit]

The 10th anniversary of Art Mûr was featured in the Winter 2006-07 edition of Vie des Arts (vol. 50, n°205)[1] In 2003, the gallery was named "Best New Space" by Isa Tousignant, the journalist for the Hour (Montreal),[3] and François St-Jacques et Rhéal Olivier Lanthier were awarded "Best gallery directors" by Christine Redfern, the journalist for the Montreal Mirror.[4] Tousignant mentions that the gallery " a magnificent space that has quickly become one of the most attractive art sites in the city.." with "..overall solid programming", and Redfern remarks: "I always feel like I can pop by and see something interesting at Gallery Art Mûr~".[citation needed]


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