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There is also an Art TV in Arta, Greece; see Art TV (Arta)

Art TV is a privately owned television station in Serbia. Self-financed, without subscriptions or other subsidizing, it was established in 1991 and began broadcasting on July 31, 1992. When it started broadcasting, it was called Kanal Kulture (English: Cultural Channel or Channel of Culture).

Art TV covers the Belgrade metropolitan area, Vojvodina including Novi Sad, and several bigger towns in Serbia. Roughly 3,500,000 people are able to receive the program.

The station specializes in art and culture in the broadest sense. The programming encompasses editor's offices for film, theatre, music, visual arts, applied arts, science, education, documentaries and daily cultural events. The program is on air 24 hours a day.

After Art TV lost its license from Republic Broadcasting Agency (RRA), now it continues as a cable-only station.

Art TV also had a radio station of the same name, but it, too, was closed by RBA.