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The Artforum Culture Foundation (ACF) is a private and independent nonprofit organization (NGO) with legal seat in Thessaloniki, Greece, and contact-offices in Athens, Cologne, Paris, New York. The foundation promotes contemporary art and is engaged in the exchange in and between cultures. A main subject is the focus on art in Greece and the regions of the Greek Diaspora in the world.

The exhibition centre, "Artforum-Vilka near the harbour" was initiated in 1996 with a retrospective of Helmut Newton in his presence.


The Artforum Culture Foundation operates primarily as an international institution. A main target of the Foundation is to deliver contributions for cultural authenticity and against cultural uniformity. A main basis of the Foundation's philosophy is the value of humanity and the application for peace, for social cohesion and for the realization of independent culture. With its exhibition program the foundation supportes emerging as well as established artists.


A large priority of the Artforum Culture Foundation is to initiate and to support projects (European Cultural Centre (EEC), Network Project, Icons of our time, Gulf Projects, Ostrale, Art and Religion) and to give artists space where they can show their pieces and receive creative valuation according to their own aesthetics. The foundation works on the promotion of gifted artists from all disciplines.

In addition, the Artforum Culture Foundation operates as a partner for cultural activities of interest to artists, galleries, collectors, local authorities and companies.


Research on important contemporary artists is one of the of aims of Artforum Culture Foundation. In the field of photography, the Foundation has given significant attention to the artistic estates of Heinz Günter Mebusch (The Mebusch Estate) and the complete works of Vera Isler-Leiner. The Foundation also gives support to the work of Joe Brockerhoff, Sheila Elias, Michael (Mike) Jansen, Chryssa, Michalis Manoussakis, Stanislav Marijanovic, Mahmood Mirzaie, Masaaki Noda, Manolis Polymeris, Vangelis Pliaridis, Stefan Runge, Theodoros (Papadimitriou), Panayiotis Tanimanidis, Helmut Tollmann, and Heinz Zolper, among others.


More than one hundred art exhibitions with contemporary works of painting, sculptures, photographs and performance-art have been hosted by the Artforum Cultural Foundation, mostly in co-operation with the Tsatsis-Projects. Most of these are documented in catalogues and brochures.


  • and catalogues by Artforum and ArtForum Editions, Thessaloniki,Cologne

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