Arthur Bates Jennings

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Arthur Bates Jennings
Born 1849[1]
Died March 30, 1927(1927-03-30)[2]
New York[2]
Nationality American

Arthur Bates Jennings (1849–1927) was an American architect, working primarily out of New York, New York.[1][2] He married Caroline Jerusha Allen of West Meriden, Connecticut and had three children, Edward Allen Jennings, Arthur B. Jennings, Jr., and Helen Bates Jennings.[1]

He earned an A.B. from College of the City of New York in 1870 and trained in architecture under George B. Post and Russell Sturgis.[1] His early career focused on residential designs, later expanding into public buildings, like churches and college buildings.[1] He is known for this multi-turreted churches.[1] His buildings were constructed across the United States, from Portland, Maine to Seattle, Washington.[1]

He designed the Old Gym at Washington & Jefferson College in 1893[3] as well as the Union Baptist Church in New Rochelle, New York.



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