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Arthur Bloom
Born Arthur Bloom
Nationality American
Occupation Musician and Social Entrepreneur
Years active birth-present

Arthur Bloom is an American composer and pianist, and the founder and director of MusiCorps.


Bloom is a Juilliard- and Yale-trained composer and pianist who has worked in both classical and popular music. He is the founder and director of Renovation In Music Education (RIME), and Musicorps.[1]

Bloom created the original "Concert Curriculum," An Orchestra's Guide To The Young Person,[2] a program in which whole grades of students pursue a special curriculum that culminates in their performance with a professional orchestra. Working with NASA, Bloom created An Orchestra's Guide To The Universe,[3] a science version of the Concert Curriculum. After visiting wounded warriors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Bloom created MusiCorps to help them in their recovery.


MusiCorps is a music rehabilitation program at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center that helps severely wounded service members learn to play music, and recover their lives. Bloom began the program after visiting a soldier at Walter Reed Army Medical Center who played the drums and lost a leg in combat.[4]

Bloom leads the MusiCorps Wounded Warrior Band[5] which is composed of service members who have learned or relearned instruments through MusiCorps, and has performed with Aaron Neville, Yo-Yo Ma, Oleta Adams, G.E. Smith, Dave Kilminster, Roger Waters, Ricky Skaggs, and the Kansas City Symphony, among others.

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