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Captain Arthur Granville Soames, OBE (1886-1962), was a member of HM's Coldstream Guards.


Early life[edit]

He was born on 12 October 1886 in Wingerworth, Derbyshire, England.[1] He was the son of Harold Soames, brewer, of Chesterfield, Derbyshire and his wife Katherine Mary Hill, who came from a long line of Russian merchants based in St Petersburg. He was the brother of Auriol Davidson née Soames (who died under a train in Cheshunt in April 1919) and of Olave St. Clair Baden-Powell née Soames, World Chief Guide.


He was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant into the Coldstream Guards 16 August 1905, Lieutenant 21 September 1907,[2] and served with the Coldstream Guards during the First World War.[3][4]

In November, 1926, then living at Ashwell Manor, Tyler's Green, Penn, Bucks., he was made Sheriff of Buckinghamshire,[5] and again the following year, 1927[6]

Personal life[edit]

He was married on 20 Dec 1913 in London to Hope Mary Woodbine Parish (b. 2 Aug 1893 in Westminster)[7][8] Together, they had two daughters and a son :-

They divorced in 1934, and Arthur re-married twice:

  • On 23 Oct 1934 in London to Annette Constance Jardine née Fraser (b. Sep 1876, East Grinstead, Sussex, England [9]
  • On 16 Mar 1948 to Audrey Alma Humphreys.

He inherited the mansion and estate of Sheffield Park, Sussex, from his father's childless brother, Arthur Gilstrap Soames[10] and sold the estate in 1953.[11] He also disposed of part of his extensive library around that time.[12]

He died in a London hospital on 6 July 1962.[13]


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