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Arthur John Rees (1872–1942), was an Australian mystery writer.

Born in Melbourne, he was for a short time on the staff of the Melbourne Age and later joined the staff of the New Zealand Herald.

In his early twenties he likely went to England.[1]

His proficiency as a writer of crime-mystery stories is attested by Dorothy Sayers in the introduction to Great Short Stories of Detection, Mystery and Horror, 1928. Two of his stories were included in an American world-anthology of detective stories. Some of his works were translated into French and German.


  • The Merry Marauders (1913)
  • The Hampstead Mystery (1916) [with John Rea Watson]
  • The Shrieking Pit (1919)
  • The Mystery of the Downs (1928) [with John Rea Watson]
  • The Hand in the Dark (1920)
  • The Moon Rock (1922)
  • The Island of Destiny (1923)
  • The Cup of Silence (1924)
  • The Threshold of Fear (1925)
  • Simon of Hangletree (1926)
  • Greymarsh (1927)
  • Love me Anise (1928)
  • Old Sussex and her Diarists (1929)
  • The Pavilion by the Lake (1930)
  • The Brink (1931)
  • The Tragedy of Twelvetrees (1931)
  • The Investigations of Colwin Grey (1932)
  • The River Mystery (1932)
  • Peak House (1933)
  • Aldringham's Last Chance (1933)
  • The Flying Argosy 1934)
  • The Single Clue (1940)


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