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For the avante-garde German painter, see Arthur Kaufmann (artist).

Arthur Kaufmann (1872–1938) was an Austrian chess master.

Born in Romania, he lived and played in Vienna. In 1892, he tied for 5-6th (Adolf Albin won), shared 3rd in 1893/94 (Jacques Schwarz won), twice took 2nd in 1896 and 1897/98, both behind Georg Marco. He drew a match with Marco (+5 -5 =0) in 1893.[1]

Because of illness, his career was broken for many years, until the World War I. In 1914/15, he took 2nd, behind Carl Schlechter, in Vienna (Trebitsch Memorial). He took 3rd at Vienna 1915 (Quadrangular, Schlechter won), and 3rd place, behind Schlechter and Milan Vidmar, at Vienna 1916 (Triangular). He won matches against Richard Réti (+4 -1 =1) in 1915, and Savielly Tartakower (+2 -0 =2) in 1916.[2]


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