Arthur Werner

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Arthur Werner
Fotothek df pk 0000079 061.jpg
Arthur Werner, 1946
Mayor of Berlin
In office
May 19, 1945 – January 8, 1947
Preceded by Ludwig Steeg (until May 2, 1945)
Succeeded by Otto Ostrowski
Personal details
Born April 15, 1877
Died July 27, 1967(1967-07-27) (aged 90)
Political party None
Profession Engineer

Arthur Victor Hugo Werner (born April 15, 1877, in Berlin; died July 27, 1967) was the first Mayor of Berlin after World War II.

In 1907 Werner had graduated as an engineer at the Technical University of Charlottenburg. He opened a private technical college until in 1942 he was forced to retire by the Nazi authorities.

On May 17, 1945 he was appointed mayor by the Soviet administration of Berlin under Nikolai Berzarin, confirmed by the western Allies after the division of the city into four sectors in July 1945. After the elections of October 20, 1946, Werner resigned in favour of Otto Ostrowski.

He was the oldest former Minister-President of Germany from gaining his office on May 17, 1945 until February 28, 1966 and was succeeded by Wilhelm Kaisen.