Arthurian League

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The Arthurian League
Arthurian league logo.png
Country  England
Confederation Amateur Football Alliance
Founded 1961; 54 years ago (1961)
Divisions 6
Number of teams 57
Current champions Old Carthusians
(2013-14 Premier Division)
Most championships Old Carthusians (10 titles)

The Arthurian League is an English association football league for teams of public schools old boys. It is affiliated to the Amateur Football Alliance and is not part of the English football league system.

The league has existed since 1961 and currently has six divisions, ranging from the Premier Division down to Division Five (there are currently 57 teams representing 36 separate clubs). The 2013-14 Premier Division champions were Old Carthusians.

Member clubs 2014-15[edit]

Premier Division[edit]

Division One[edit]

Division Two[edit]

Division Three[edit]

Division Four[edit]

Division Five North[edit]

Division Five South[edit]

Past champions[edit]

Premier Division (known as Division One up to and including 1980-81 season)[edit]

Season Champion
1963-64 Old Malvernians
1964-65 Old Malvernians
1965-66 Lancing Old Boys
1966-67 Old Brentwoods
1967-68 Old Malvernians
1968-69 Old Malvernians
1969-70 Old Malvernians
1970-71 Old Cholmeleians
1971-72 Old Bradfieldians
1972-73 Old Foresters
1973-74 Old Foresters
1974-75 Old Brentwoods
1975-76 Old Brentwoods
1976-77 Old Aldenhamians
1977-78 Old Harrovians
1978-79 Old Carthusians
1979-80 Old Brentwoods
1980-81 Old Brentwoods
1981-82 Old Carthusians
1982-83 Lancing Old Boys
1983-84 Lancing Old Boys
1984-85 Lancing Old Boys
1985-86 Old Chigwellians
1986-87 Old Cholmeleians
1987-88 Old Carthusians
1988-89 Old Cholmeleians
1989-90 Old Chigwellians
1990-91 Lancing Old Boys
1991-92 Old Chigwellians
1992-93 Old Etonians
1993-94 Lancing Old Boys
1994-95 Old Chigwellians
1995-96 Old Foresters
1996-97 Old Foresters
1997-98 Old Foresters
1998-99 Old Chigwellians
1999-00 Old Brentwoods
2000-01 (Abandoned)
2001-02 Old Reptonians
2002-03 Old Foresters
2003-04 Old Harrovians
2004-05 Old Etonians
2005-06 Old Carthusians
2006-07 Old Brentwoods
2007-08 Old Carthusians
2008-09 Old Carthusians
2009-10 Old Harrovians
2010-11 Old Carthusians
2011-12 Old Carthusians
2012-13 Old Carthusians
2013-14 Old Carthusians

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