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ArticleBot is a content generator, which can produce many new, original, articles out of any given article. It does so by changing words to synonyms. Thus, it could change the sentence "The dog is next to the house" to "The puppy is near the building". By copying articles and converting them in such a way, it is possible to quickly generate plenty of original content. For that reason, it has angered webmasters and bloggers, afraid that the application will be used to copy their contents in an undetectable way.

It is believed it may also be used for search engine optimization since search engines will not be able to detect the copied content and exclude it from their index. Jonathan Bailey, of, however notes that the application is very difficult to configure and the produced content sounds like it has been written by somebody with a poor command of English.[1] ArticleBot is also suspected to be spying on its users and to be sending a copy of every created project to[2]


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