Article VI (film)

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Article VI
Directed by Jack Donaldson
Bryan Hall
Release dates 2008
Running time 90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Article VI: Faith. Politics. America is a documentary film at the intersection of faith, politics, and bigotry. Religious leaders, political pundits, and average citizens are asked who has the right to be elected. Has the Founding Fathers' vision of religious freedom been upheld or violated? Article Six of the United States Constitution grants the right that no religious test shall be required to enter into elected public office. But have the citizens taken that right away? Would the religious and moral judgments of today have prevented Americans from electing some of their most beloved Presidents? Article VI investigates politics in the ever-changing world of religious tolerance and freedom.


The title is taken from Article Six of the United States Constitution: "no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."


The story follows filmmaker Bryan Hall's experience as a Mormon during the 2008 Presidential race. While following the debates, Hall becomes increasingly aware of the escalating attacks against a particular candidate over his religion: Mitt Romney, who happens to also be a Mormon. Hall decides to investigate this issue and comes to realize that the issue of religious bigotry in politics goes far beyond his own faith. It has been the subject of intense argument from the earliest days of the American colonies. In the end, Hall makes the case for the need for religious tolerance in America; not just for his religion, but for all religions.


In July 2007, Director Bryan Hall and his film crew began traveling the country in an RV, investigating this issue. The film was shot on location in over 30 states across the U.S. The majority of filming was completed by September 2007. Over the course of those 3 months, they gathered close to 150 hours of footage, from interviews, to news clips and political propaganda. Key interviews include Richard Land, Pastor Robert Jeffress, Hugh Hewitt, Bill Keller, Randall Balmer, Edwin Meese, David French, Judge Roy Moore, Flip Benham, Charles Cohen and Pastor George Evans.


"The intent of ‘Article VI’ isn’t to persuade voters one way or another, but to promote healthy dialogue."[1]

"There may be separation of church and state. But never of church and politics."[2]

"... a fascinating mixture of vituperation, rumination, and condemnation, with lots of different people participating."[3]

"An ecumenical, bipartisan team is heading into 10 early-voting states with a documentary about faith and politics that is loaded with provocative interviews in an effort to force viewers to confront biases they’re never realized."[4]


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