Artificial Joy NYC

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Artificial Joy NYC ( previously Artificial Joy )
Mark Cevellos, Milena Mepris, Rob Ptak, Alex Elena
Background information
Origin New York, United States
Genres rock
Years active 1998–2000
Labels Unsigned
Associated acts Size 14
The Bastard Kings Of Rock
Pin Me Down
Artificial Joy
Past members

Artificial Joy NYC were a rock band of bassist Robt Ptak, of the band Size 14, and featured Milena Mepris on guitar who would later form Pin Me Down, Mark Cevellos on Bass and Alex Elena / John Lamkin on drums. Artificial Joy NYC were previously called Artificial Joy ( Ptaks moniker for solo work ) but became a full live band after Robt Ptak left Size 14 and moved to New York. The band played shows regularly in New York, sold a 7 track CD EP[1] at shows and received a lot of downloads on the now defunct Initially Artificial Joy NYC started as Robt Ptak's solo project under the name of 'Artficial Joy' for songs he created and recorded during and before his time in Size 14, Size 14 drummer Dave Armstrong would feature on some the tracks recorded for Artificial Joy, he later then got asked by Ptak to join Size 14.

When Artificial Joy NYC split Ptak went on to form another New York–based rock band in The Bastard Kings of Rock. Alex Elena and Mark Cevellos went on to form Kinion,[2][3] while Milena Mepris went on to form Pin Me Down with Russell Lissack of Bloc Party


Self Produced 7 Track CD EP Sold at Shows[edit]

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