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The Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia (ARSBC) is a registered non-profit organization based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They began operations in 1989, with the G.B. Church project, and have since sunk 7 ships and 1 Boeing 737. Their mission is to create and maintain artificial reefs for use by scuba divers as a means to promote the local economy, the technology and safety procedures involved in creating artificial reefs, promote the use of artificial reefs as a means to minimize the impacts caused by SCUBA divers on other historically significant or ecologically sensitive sites, and to monitor all developments regarding their artificial reefs for environmental impact and diver safety.

Artificial reefs[edit]

  • Sunk August 11, 1991: MV G.B. Church off Portland Island, near Sidney, BC at 48°43.323′ N, 123°21.339′ W [1]
  • Sunk December 5, 1992: HMCS Chaudière (DDE 235) (II) off Kunechin Point, in Porpoise Bay, near Sechelt, BC at 49° 37.694' N, 123° 48.699' W [2]
  • Sunk September 16, 1995: HMCS Mackenzie (DDE 261) off Gooch Island, near Sidney, BC at 48°40.094′ N, 123°17.170′ W [3]
  • Sunk June 22, 1996: HMCS Columbia (DDE 260) (II) off Maude Island, near Campbell River, BC at 50°8.031′ N, 125°20.152′ W [4]
  • Sunk June 14, 1997: HMCS Saskatchewan (DDE 262) (II) off Snake Island, near Nanaimo, BC at 49°12.96′ N, 123°53.070′ W [5]
  • Sunk July 14, 2000: HMCS Yukon (DDE 263) off Mission Beach, near San Diego, California at 32°46.80′ N 117°17.12′ W [6]
  • Sunk October 20, 2001: HMCS Cape Breton (ARE 100) (II) off Snake Island, near Nanaimo, BC at 49°12.88′ N, 123°53.067′ W [7]
  • Sunk January 14, 2006: Xihwu Boeing 737-200 off Chemainus, BC at 48°56.142′ N, 123°43.130′ W [8]

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