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Coordinates: 40°37′02″N 43°58′33″E / 40.61722°N 43.97583°E / 40.61722; 43.97583

The City of Artik, October 2009
The City of Artik, October 2009
Artik  Արթիկ is located in Armenia
Artik  Արթիկ
Coordinates: 40°37′02″N 43°58′33″E / 40.61722°N 43.97583°E / 40.61722; 43.97583
Country  Armenia
Marz Shirak
Founded 1939
 • Mayor Arsen Abrahamyan
 • Total 9 km2 (3 sq mi)
Elevation 1,859 m (6,099 ft)
Population (2009)
 • Total 17,400
 • Density 1,900/km2 (5,000/sq mi)
Time zone GMT (UTC+4)
Postal code 3001-3007
Area code(s) (+374) 244

Artik (Armenian: Արթիկ) is a town located in the Shirak Province of Armenia. It has a population of 14,949 people, down from 25,100 reported in the 1989 census.

Artik has several monuments and churches. At the central square there is a World War II monument. A short distance from the square are the two churches: Saint Marine built in the 5th century and Saint Gevorg built in the 7th century. Saint Gevorg is the larger of the two and had previously been turned into a storehouse under the Soviets. The first attempt to restore the church was made in early 1990s. Both churches are in partial ruins, with restoration interrupted by the collapse of the USSR. On January 6, 2006 a fund-raising campaign was announced in the city of Artik to reconstruct Saint Gevorg. There is also another 18th-century church in a cave as well as a well preserved church of Lmbatavank (Saint Stepanos) built in the 7th century standing on a hillside. The church was reconstructed between 1955-1956. During 1960 excavations, a Bronze-Age cemetery was discovered under the stones.


There are seven schools in Artik. During the Soviet era, all schools were 10-year schools. Recent modernazition of the Armenian schools implemented the high-school concept and School #3 was converted into a high school. Schools continue to struggle with declining enrollment due to population outmigration.

In addition to a number of private vocational colleges in Artik, the largest higher educational institution is the Artik Industrial-Technological College ("Tekhnikum") with an enrollment of 246 in 2000.


FC Tufagorts Artik had represented the city in the Armenian Premier League between 1992-1995 when it was dissolved due to financial reasons. They used the Artik City stadium for their home games.



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