Artisan Records

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Artisan Records
Artisan Records logo.jpeg
Founded 2011

Fin Luke Joyce, Jonny Garner, Kerry Lambert,

Simon Harding
Genre Indie rock
Location Wandsworth, South West London, United Kingdom
Official website

Artisan Records is a British record label owned by the Indie rock band fin_(band) based in Wandsworth, South West London. It was founded in 2011 by the band fiN in order to self release the bands 7 Inch singles and Debut album Life Is Wasted On The Living. [1] [2]



  • "The Artisan/It Changes Everything" Single[3]
  • "Everybody Dies Alone/Rapture" Single[4]
  • "Twenty Three/Eve" Single[5]
  • "Life Is Wasted On The Living/Lucky You" Single[6]
  • "Life Is Wasted On The Living" Album[7]


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External links[edit]

  • Artisan Records (Official Website)[8]