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Discipline Art
Language English
Edited by Owen Craven
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nextmedia (Australia)
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Frequency Quarterly
ISSN 1834-7940

Artist Profile is an international contemporary art magazine published in Sydney, Australia.


Founded in 2007, Artist Profile is released four times a year and distributed across Australia, Oceania, North America, Southeast Asia and South Africa. The magazine features exclusive studio interviews and photographic profiles of Australian and international artists, as well as essays by artists, scholars and curators; artist projects; exhibition reviews; and information on books, films, fairs, biennials and contemporary art festivals with a concentration on Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Artist Profile also sponsors and manages artist expeditions, public programs, exhibitions and other arts projects to foster appreciation of the arts, working in tandem with the magazine, to make the creative output of talented artists available to collectors, industry professionals, educators and other artists.

In 2012, Artist Profile was the official Media Partner to the Melbourne Art Fair as well as a Contributing Partner to the 18th Biennale of Sydney: all our relations.[1]

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