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One Artmoney, made by mixed media artist Hanne Matthiesen, July 2006

Artmoney from BIAM (Bank of International Art Money) is an international art project established by the Danish artists Lars Kræmmer and Flemming Vincent in 1998. Artmoney items are original works of art the size of big bank notes (12x18 cm). They are attractive for art collectors, and can also be used as an alternative currency at shops hosts and artists in Denmark and worldwide.

The project has got a great deal of attention because of its comments on art and social cultural policy.

More than 1000 artists from 40 countries participate. More than $80,000,000 of art money has been issued.

Artmoney has been featured at several national and international galleries and events.

Legal problems[edit]

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (finanstilsynet) decided in 2005 that the occurrence of "bank" and "money" in the name BIAM suggested financial activity, for which the required permissions were lacking. An appeal failed, but Kræmmer continued his Artmoney activities. In March 2008 he was told that he faces up to four months in jail if he continues using the "BIAM" name.

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