Artsakh (song)

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Single by Ara Gevorgyan
from the album Ani
Released 1999 (1999)[1]
Genre instrumental folk
Length 05:35
Label Eye Records
External audio
Full version of Artsakh in Ara Gevorgyan's website

"Artsakh" (Armenian: Արցախ) is a 1999 instrumental folk song composed by Armenian composer Ara Gevorgyan. The song has been popular in Armenia since it was released. "Artsakh" is widely used in cultural, sports and political[2] events and occasions and by figure skaters and gymnasts around the world. It is also in the video game EA Sports MMA.[citation needed]


Artsakh was one of the 15 provinces of the ancient Kingdom of Armenia.[3] Today, the region is more commonly known as Nagorno-Karabakh. A bloody ethnic conflict took place there in 1988-1994, as a result of which Armenian forces took over the region. The war is seen by Armenians as a liberation of historical lands, while Azerbaijanis consider it as an occupation of their territory.

Usage in sports[edit]

Parts of "Artsakh" have been used in sports, including:

Year Athlete Sport Event(s)
2001–2002 Russia Alexander Abt Figure skating all season long, incl. 2002 Winter Olympics[4]
2005–2006 Georgia (country) Elene Gedevanishvili Figure skating all season long, incl. 2006 Winter Olympics[5]
2007 Azerbaijan Dinara Gimatova Gymnastics [6][7]
2007-2008 Armenia Vazgen Azrojan
ArmeniaAnastasia Grebenkina
Figure skating Original dance[8]
2008 Kazakhstan Aliya Yussupova Gymnastics [9]
2009 Israel Holon Israel Figure skating [10]
2010 China Dou Baobao Gymnastics 2010 Corbeil-Essonnes International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament[11]
2010 Poland Marta Koczkowska Gymnastics 2009 Corbeil-Essonnes International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament[12]
2010 Italy Giorgio Petrosyan Kickboxing entrance song[13]
2011-2012 Russia Sergei Voronov Figure skating Short Program of Season 2011/2012[14]
2013 Canada Victoria Moors Gymnastics 2013 AT&T American Cup[15]
N/A Australia Vic Darchinyan Boxing entrance song
N/A Netherlands Gegard Mousasi Kickboxing entrance song[16]


In 2007, the Azerbaijani ambassador in Russia, former singer Polad Bülbüloğlu stated that the Ara Gevorgyan's "Artsakh" is of Azerbaijani origin. Ara Georgyan later explained it is a result of confusion from an incident that happened during Russian TV show called "Ice Age" broadcast by the Channel One, when Russian singer Aleksandra Savaleva and an Israeli ice dancer Sergei Sakhnovski did a figure skating performance. It was first announced that the music they were going to use was called "Armenian dance" by Ara Gevorgyan, but instead a song called "Sene de galmaz" by an Azerbaijani composer Tofig Guliyev was played and only after that a small portion of "Artsakh" was played.[18] Ara Gevorgyan also said that Azerbaijanis tried to justify the fact that Dinara Gimatova used his music without his permission in a grand-prix in Minsk in 2005.[19]


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