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Arumuganeri is located in Tamil Nadu
Location in Tamil Nadu, India
Coordinates: 8°34′N 78°07′E / 8.57°N 78.12°E / 8.57; 78.12Coordinates: 8°34′N 78°07′E / 8.57°N 78.12°E / 8.57; 78.12
Country  India
State Tamil Nadu
District Thoothukudi
Elevation 6 m (20 ft)
Population (2001)
 • Total 24,801
 • Official Tamil
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Arumuganeri (Tamil: ஆறுமுகநேரி) is a panchayat town in Thoothukudi district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.


Arumuganeri is located at 8°34′N 78°07′E / 8.57°N 78.12°E / 8.57; 78.12. [1] [2] It has an average elevation of 6 metres (19 feet).


As of 2001 India census,[3] Arumuganeri had a population of 24,801. Males constitute 47% of the population and females 53%. Arumuganeri has an average literacy rate of 78%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with 49% of the males and 51% of females literate. 11% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Freedom Fighters[edit]

This is a famous place for freedom fighters who lived and fought for their mother India. one of the famous leader and Freedom Fighter kalingar Thiyagi Shri T. Andiappan Ex MC., and many more leaders who worked as a team along with Shri Thiyagi T.Andiappan are Shri MS Selvaraj EX M.L.A, Thiyagi Shri Thookumedai Rajagopal and many more workerd under the great leadership of Shri Thiyagi KT Kosalram EX M.P. Shri Thiyagi T Andiappan who lived for long and died at the age of 94 years on 12.8.2013. There is a small memorial hall is kept near Arumuganeri railway station, where he rest in peace. Shri Thiyagi KT Kosalram Ex MP who was the key initiator to bring manimutharu dam for the welfare of people. Shri Thiyagi K. T. Kosalram was an Indian politician. He was a member of Lok Sabha elected from Tiruchendur constituency in 1977, 1980 and 1984 elections. He was also a freedom fighter and a congressman. He belongs to kalingar vamsam.


The major cultivation in Arumuganeri is rice. It is the only place where you can see the miracle of land with salt pan and rice field situated opposite to each other. People of Arumuganeri receive the benefits of both of these landscape in both major climate conditions of long summer and rainfall. Hence this place always seen as green fields in outer area of city.


DCW (Dharangadhara chemical works) is running in the Sahupuram area in Arumuganeri. This chemical company provides a large number of jobs. The products from this complex range from Industrial Grade Salt, Caustic Soda, Liquid Chlorine, Hydrochloric Acid, Trichloro Ethylene, Synthetic Rutile (Beneficiated Ilmenite), Ferric Chloride, Yellow Iron Oxide, PVC Resin. As this is a process plant, it has both power and steam requirements and this is met through Coal based Cogen Power Plant & Oil based Captive Power Plant.[4]


Schools like Hindu higher secondary school, K.A.Higher secondary school, Kamlavati Higher Secondary School, GOVT Girls High School, S.V.C.Elemantry school, Annamal matriculation school, Santhana Sama Middle School and 10 elementary schools are situated here.

Hindu higher secondary school is the first educational institute in Arumuganeri town.

K.H.S.S: CBSE syllabus based school (English medium - Kamlavati Higher Secondary School) is located in Sahupuram area - Arumuganeri. This institution is run by DCW Ltd., (Sahupuram-Arumuganeri).

Kayalpattinam Arumuganeri Higher Scaondary School (K.A.H.S.S): Another big school in Arumuganeri with Tamil and English medium. This school is started in the purpose to spread relationship between kayalpattinam and Arumuganeri city (For spreading secularism between Hindus and Muslims also Christians). It was opened by Mr K.Kamaraj (former chief minister) 1951. It's located in Peyanvilai area-Arumuganeri.

Hindu higher secondary school (H.H.S.S): The third biggest school in Arumuganeri is "Hindu School". This school is purely Tamil medium oriented school. It's located in center of Arumuganeri.

There are many matriculation schools as well as many nursery school running in Arumuganeri around various areas. our arumuganeri is now well developed in education annammal matric school since 1993


There are Railway facilities & Roadway Transport is available here. Mainly there are no.of buses will pass through this way to various places in over South India and Tamil Nadu. Bus facility for any location all over Tamil Nadu can available here, also some other state through bus available here. People using bus facility form Palli vasall-center heart of Arumuganeri(called as junction or centre place). In Railway facilities the Chendur Express (Chennai to Thiruchendur) has a 3 quota here. Arumuganeri consists of two railway stations(Arumuganeri, Kayalpattinam) Both stations are running inside Arumuganeri, People using any one which is close to them.


Medical facilities are well developed in Arumuganeri. There is a PHC run by the government, and a number of clinics, with the biggest hospitals running 24 hours a day. Sundaram Nallathanmbi hospital (located in junction-Pallivashal) provides surgical facilities for some disorders such as kidney conditions. Dental hospitals are also present, and there are many private hospitals in the region.

Historical places[edit]

Palli vasall junction - center heart of Arumuganeri (called as junction or centre place), consists of one mosque, which is over approximately 200 years old.

Culture and Food Habits[edit]

One of most practiced food culture is commonly termed as Nadar cuisine commonly using mutton, fish and common Tamil cuisine. The Nadar cuisine veers towards non-vegetarian and lamb is a favourite, present in everything except desserts. Since Arumuganeri is close to the sea, fish forms a major part of their diet. The native cuisine with its unique flavour that comes from usage of freshly hand-pounded spices and red meat.


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